Seminar in Greece on global challenges supports a UN Parliamentary Assembly » Campaign for a UN Parliamentary Assembly

Seminar in Greece on global challenges supports a UN Parliamentary Assembly

6. Oktober 2016
Participants of the seminar in Greece

Participants of the seminar in Greece

Gathered in Greece’s Northern Pintos National Park, 45 federalists from educational institutions, think tanks, activist NGOs, intergovernmental organizations, government departments, and the media took part in the third Global Land Paths seminar on the theme “Federalist Responses to Global Challenges.”

The seminar took place from July 30th through August 4th, and featured discussions centering around political organization, governance, and government, and federalism in particular as a means of spreading peace and ensuring good governance worldwide.

The culmination of those discussions was the agreement on a final resolution, which stressed that "global issues such as peace and security, climate change and human rights should be dealt with at the global level, which has to be adequately equipped, both in terms of democratic legitimacy and resources available."

According to the document, "the ideal of One World" should be pursued systematically with initiatives such as a UN Parliamentary Assembly and a review of the UN Charter, among others.

The Land Beyond, a Greek civil society organization combining mental, physical, and interactive exercise to promote freedom, giving, and living together, and the Brussels-based Foundation for Global Governance and Sustainability, FOGGS, a forum for discussing global challenges in the economy, society, the environment, and politics and governance, co-organized the seminar.

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