Over 160 young delegates from sections of the Young European Federalists (JEF) coming from all over Europe gathered in Paris on 1-3 November 2013 for the organization's XXII. European Congress. Seven months ahead of the European elections, JEF adopted a renewed political platform stating the […]

Some might think that a UN Parliamentary Assembly is an unrealistic, even utopian project. I guess that the International Criminal Court in The Hague once too was deemed a utopian endeavor. And now the court exists. There are a lot of debates about its work […]

Last month, the UN's independent expert on democracy, Alfred de Zayas, told the organistion's General Assembly that the UN should convene an international conference to debate the establishment of a World Parliamentary Assembly. Now it's the time for the EU to take a stand and […]

With the Global Week of Action for a World Parliament that was held for the first time this year from 17-24 October, a new citizens movement has started to emerge that supports the creation of a directly elected global assembly. The week's announcement that was […]

Joan Marc Simon has spent the last ten years working at the international level, running campaigns in the fields of governance and the environment. He coordinates the Zero Waste Europe network, is the Spanish coordinator of the Campaign for a UN Parliamentary Assembly (UNPA) as well […]

Joan Marc Simon
27. Oktober 2013

Today the world is a different place from the days when the United Nations was born. This is why the answer to democratise that hallowed meeting ground of states is the establishment of a UN parliamentary assembly, writes Joan Marc Simon Globalisation is at its […]

As global interdependence and international cooperation grow stronger, the requirements to achieve public acceptance and trust in global governance increase, argues Elmar Brok, the chairman of the European Parliament's Commission on Foreign Affairs in this piece. A UN Parliamentary Assembly, he writes, would be a […]

The 5th International Meeting on a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly that was held in the European Parliament in Brussels on 16/17 October 2013 (see our report here) included a special consultation with the UN's Independent Expert on the Promotion of a Democratic and Equitable International […]

On the occasion of the 5th International Meeting on a UN Parliamentary Assembly that started yesterday in Brussels with sessions in the European Parliament, the European Parliament's President Martin Schulz issued the following greetings to the participants: On the occasion of the 5th International Meeting […]