In June the World Government Research Network hosted a workshop in Brisbane, Australia, on the "practical politics of global integration" (here is our report). An edited version of the presentation of Andreas Bummel, director and co-founder of the Campaign for a UN Parliamentary Assembly, was […]

Even if a UN Parliamentary Assembly is usually associated with progressive movements there are very strong reasons for conservatives to also support the ideaThe proposal of a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly (UNPA) is supported across party lines. It was endorsed by the Socialist International, the […]

In a guest post published today, the UNPA campaign's global coordinator Andreas Bummel argued that to a large degree, achieving prosperity, development, and security depends on international collaboration and integration. In his opinion, "the Brexit vote is an anomaly and an irrational response to this […]

On the occasion of the UN's 70th anniversary last year, a public event was held at the Political Sciences Institute in Lyon, France, on 11 May 2016 to discuss perspectives for making the world organization more effective and more democratic. Around 70 participants attended the event […]

In an opinion piece published here in the South African newspaper Mail & Guardian, two South African members of parliament with the Democratic Alliance - Stevens Mokgalapa and Heinrich Volmink - argue that making the UN more democratic cannot stop at expanding the Security Council, […]

From next month on, the international community will actively engage with the seven men and women who have put their names forward as candidates for UN Secretary-General. The manner of the engagement will be unprecedented. For the first time, member states of the UN General […]

29. März 2016

Several Parliamentarians in Malaysia have already signed the appeal for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly. This was a good basis for the UNPA campaign's representative Rasmus Tenbergen to initiate talks with supporters from the government party and the opposition during his visit to Kuala Lumpur […]

At a meeting in the European Parliament in Brussels former lawmakers from across Europe adopted a declaration on "the challenges of democracy in the age of globalization." Delegates from 15 countries who represented the members of the European Association of Former Parliamentarians of the member […]

Over the past several months, the Campaign for a UN Parliamentary Assembly has gained momentum among former members of the United States Congress. Recent endorsers include former members of the House of Representatives Patricia Schroeder, Donald M. Fraser, John B. Anderson, and William Frenzel. In […]